Health Benefits Of Living By The Ocean


Old people’s saying that living near the sea is good for your health seems to be true, says studies. Even though there are threats by the ocean to humans like floods and storms, researchers suggest that the ocean is far more beneficial for humans. The best site regarding this is Living by the ocean promotes physical activities, therefore overall health and their wellbeing improves.

Benefits of coastal life
Humans feel less pain while having a surgery done overlooking the ocean. Exposure to water could actually help them relax. Research is still going on regarding the physiological benefits of life by the ocean. They suggest that ocean exposure could be a therapy which is useful for humans. There are many reasons why living by the sea is good for you.

Reduce anxiety
When you dig your toes in beach sand you get a feeling of relaxation. There has been proof that it improves your creative thinking and reduces anxiety.

Physical activity
Living by the sea encourages outdoor physical activity which ultimately leads to a healthier you. Running on the beach burns more calories than running on any other place. As a result people who run on the beach tend to slim down faster and lose extra weight.

Fresh salt air
Salt air by the sea can do wonders for your respiratory system. It is good for you if you take deeper breaths at the coast. Sea salt air also contains chemicals which helps you to absorb more oxygen. This helps in gaining more energy and diminishing depression.

Sunshine vitamins
Sun is the main source Vitamin D. Through getting your daily dose of sunshine vitamins your autoimmune system is protected. Vitamin D also increases endorphins which lowers the risks of cancer. Vitamin D enhances bone health too.

Swimming in the ocean boosts blood circulation and hydrates skin. Swimming in salt water which is rich in magnesium helps to relax muscles and have a good night’s sleep. Swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise which enhances the immune system.

Brain power
Researchers say that the sound of waves alters patterns in the brain. This moves you into a deeply relaxed state through which your mind and body are rejuvenated. Through floating above water fresh blood is pumped around the body and brings more oxygen to our body.

Good for psoriasis
It is a skin disease where scaly pink patches appear on the scalp, elbows and the knees. UV light is a good treatment for this. Doctors suggest that a small radiation from the sun’s rays helps to dry the skin and flake off which allows in healing.
Living by the ocean definitely improves both your physical health physiological health. It inspires your creative side too. Even though science has to prove some of the reasons behind the health benefits people are definitely attracted to the ocean for some reason. You may not have the resources or can’t afford to move closer to the beach, you definitely have the option of taking a long vacation by the beach.